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We are a dedicated team who believe that children extend their interests and skills when they are free to play, explore and develop in a safe imaginative and stimulating environment. We encourage children to make their own choices and build upon experiences to develop resilience, self-regulation, self-confidence and self-esteem alongside motivation and critical thinking skills as active learners. Play is a combination of child-initiated and enhanced purposeful play within a supportive environment.

Our Philosophy

The Pre-School values play as children’s work, “We play on pleasure” as we respect children as unique individuals with their own interests through playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically as noted in the characteristics of effective learning which are the ways that children engage with others and the environment, being ready, willing and able to maintain their social interactions with others and continue to be effective, motivated learners. We also note repetitive play patterns (Schemas) during the daily session alongside involvement and wellbeing.

Westnewton Pre-School is unique in the provision and curriculum they offer.

A combination of outdoor learning and nursery education in the garden of St. Matthew's School.

The Pre-school uses multiple approaches to provide stimulating and engaging activities. From Beach, Tarn and Forest School approaches to a Montessori style nursery classroom. The conservatory is in the style of Reggio Emilia, the Atelier workshop area is where the experience and process developments are key to facilitating imaginative critical thinking.

The Garden Room is the Pre-reception classroom where the Nursery Teacher uses a HighScope style to learning and development with a dedicated woodwork workshop area.

The Garden which is the essence of the establishment has Communication Friendly spaces. The Eco-Hyde epitomises the critical thinking ethos of the setting with mountaineering challenges for the young child to enable them to step out and actualise their self-chosen goals, building strength and resilience with an "I can do it," attitude to life skills and personal development.

The Setting
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