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"Children learn through exploration and experimentation; they need freedom, space, time and nurture to do this; so they can achieve their full potential at their own pace.”


The Westnewton Pre-School approach to learning is through spending as much time as possible outside, encouraging the children to take risks whilst maintaining their personal safety.


Our garden provision, in the setting, includes ride on toys, communication-friendly spaces, a mud kitchen and woodwork. We also have a garden room with loose parts which is an indoor/outdoor space.


We believe that there is no such thing as “bad weather”, just inappropriate clothing! Consequently, the children quickly learn to become independent at dressing themselves.


We use off-site locations, every week, to promote self confidence, motor skills and curiosity through multi-sensory learning; fostering resilience and self regulation. This enables each child to learn at their own pace using their own preferred learning style.

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